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Three levels of seamless data syncing tools for Engaging Networks and MS Dynamics


Get a single version of the truth and GDPR compliance

Two way Integration
Automatic synchronisation between Microsoft Dynamics and Engaging Networks with up to 500,000 users

Respect preferences and opt-ins
Comply with GDPR and keep user consent preferences up to date

Syncing user details
Automatically update contact details in both systems

Mass Emails
Remove manual de-duping of lists and data download work-arounds


Everything in Standard plus a 360° view of your supporters’ actions and donations

Compare and correlate actions 
The ability to sync and compare advocacy actions between both systems

Ensure donation information is held in both systems
Track donations across all channels against user records

Make use of supporter question data 
Give your CRM sight of all data held as questions and ensure that granular information can be used


Extra advanced data tools on top of Campaigns

Conflict handling
Triage conflicting entries into a MS Dynamics Task List to focus manual review to improve accuracy 

Proper casing
Get data merge field ready with correct grammar

Email verification
Don’t let simple typos prevent email collection

Reconcile donations
Get donor lists based on appeal codes for easier reconciliation processes

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Custom logic and wider data sets on top of the Pro or for those with over 500,000 users.

Apply bespoke logic
Use custom rules to define supporters and create tasks.  For example, flag large donations with an additional entity in MS Dynamics and assign the donor for a follow up call from the relevant team

Enhance data
Add data from other sources, like household data, political geography, other internal systems in your organisation

Additional integrations or bespoke requirements
If you need to send the data to additional systems or have other bespoke requirements we’re happy to discuss these with you too

Across your organisation there are clear benefits for synching Engaging Networks and MS Dynamics

For Information Governance 
Ensure two-way compliance across systems for GDPR communication consent

For High Value Fundraising 
Get insight into donor value and behaviour across all channels and behaviours

For Finance 

Streamline donor reconciliation to semi, or fully, automated

For Fundraising 
Get the benefits of excellent donation tools and  donor data that is easily reconciled by finance

For Campaigns & Advocacy
Get best in breed tools from Engaging Networks with organisation-wide CRM benefits

For IT and SysAdmin  
Easily configured and applied, securely hosted and managed

Accredited Technology Development Partner

As an Engaging Networks Partner we have deep experience and have completed a rigorous accreditation program. This means we’ve been tested and proven in their tools and actively stay up to date on all the latest releases and innovations.

Engaging Connections from NDP Studio is an Official Integration


The technical detail

Download the full technical specification sheet

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